How Infrared Saunas Can Benefit Your Health

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If you have spent any time at a spa or a resort, you may already have contacted infrared saunas. Infrared saunas, unlike more traditional models that use stoves to provide heat, will heat the objects and the people in the sauna, rather than the air.

They can be used outdoors or indoors and many people find that without the humidity that is always present with traditional saunas, that they are significantly more comfortable.

Essentially, the sauna puts out a frequency of light that is invisible to the human eye and uses it to provide heat. If you are interested in infrared saunas, take a look below to see some of the benefits that they can provide you with.

As mentioned above, infrared saunas can be quite beneficial for people who have breathing problems. The steam and the humidity of traditional saunas can make them difficult to use for people who have breathing difficulties like asthma.

The dry heat and the ability to breathe are clearly quite impressive in an infrared sauna, and for this reason, many people prefer them. When I first used an infrared sauna I was sitting in it for about fifteen minutes thinking what a bunch of crap this is – then literally within another few minutes I started to have beads of water coming through my skin.

I had used traditional saunas in the past and yes I did sweat but nothing like this. I mean my whole body was covered in bubbles of water. This was amazing to me because I was also able at the same time to read my book and not feel uncomfortable in extreme heat like I do when using a traditional sauna.

The health benefits of this are many. One is the heat penetrates deeper which helps your body to detox. Because it penetrates deeper it reaches the internal organs and muscle tissue. This helps to release toxins and boosts your immune system.

This can also be very beneficial when treating conditions such as arthritis. Beyond that an infrared sauna can help you loose weight that's of course if you are not eating a pizza and drinking a beer while in the sauna.

Finally it also works wonders on your skin and improves your complexion as it promotes better circulation and can draw oxygen to the surface of the skin.