Health Savings Accounts are designed to give policy holders complete control over their health care spending. In short cash contributions are made to their Health Savings Accounts and are coupled with High Deductible Insurance Plans. Those who are interested in gaining more control over their health care spending and those interested in trading low deductible health insurance plans for higher deductible plans which saves money on monthly premiums as well as providing the benefit of lower taxes. Health Savings Accounts are two fold. A lower cost high deductible insurance policy allows you to save on promotions. The money you save can in turn be deposited into your Health Savings Account. You can use the money in your Health Savings Account to cover the cost of deductibles and other qualified medical […]

Health is everything. No matter what wonderful dreams you have for your child, their health trumps them all. Keeping your child healthy will allow them to chase their dreams. And good health insurance can help keep them healthy. Having good child health insurance will allow you to make sure your child gets all the preventive care that he or she needs. And if anything unfortunates does happen, good health insurance coverage will help you to get the best medical attention you can, giving your child the best chance at a full recovery and a healthy life. If you do not have good health insurance coverage for your child, you may skip the necessary and regular check-ups at the doctor that a child needs. And this could cause bigger problems as […]

I’m sure by now everybody has heard of Vitamin D and how important it is for our overall health! If you haven’t, please crawl out from under that rock for a moment so I can bring you up to speed! Most people, I’m hoping, are even supplementing with it daily (or they should be). Vitamin D is actually a not a vitamin at all but is a pro-hormone, as it can be manufactured in our body when we are exposed to light. Herein is where our problems arise. We get very little sunshine into our tissues on a regular basis nowadays. Many of us live at a latitude which predisposes us to sub-par sun exposure on our skin (where all the Vitamin D magic starts), or we are slathering on […]

Summer is fast approaching and you want a body you’ll be proud to display at the beach. It’s time to start now so you’ll be ready in 3 months. But what if you’re not a cook or you’re just too busy to cook. Many people are looking at the meal replacement plans of Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or Medifast to do the cooking for them. The problems: these plans are VERY expensive (around $300-$700 per month), some of the food isn’t very good, and you’re also paying expensive shipping charges. How would you like to accomplish the same thing but do it better? You’ll eat tastier food with much more variety, spend up to 50% less, and totally erase all shipping charges. Let’s look at what you’re getting right now when […]

What is yeast? It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to have vaginal yeast infections or notice that they are more frequent in occurrence during pregnancy than at any other time in their lives. It is important to first be able to recognize the symptoms before you treat them. Symptoms of vaginal yeast infections include redness, burning, itching and irritation of the vaginal area. Swelling of the vulva may be present in severe cases and this swelling can make urination painful and more frequent. Many women also experience an increase in vaginal discharge which takes on a thick, curdy, white appearance. Sometimes intercourse is found to be quite uncomfortable due to the vaginal irritation a woman is experiencing. What causes yeast infection? A yeast-like fungus, also known as candida albicans, normally […]

When it comes to losing weight, you can do it in many ways, but some of them are unhealthy. This has been a problem for many around the globe. Although “quick weight loss” is certainly possible (and many diet plans focus on this), it’s much more important that a diet plan be effective and healthy at the same time. You need a healthy diet plan if you want healthy weight loss. You won’t necessarily lose weight quickly, but you’ll get results that are lasting, and you won’t have unhealthy side effects. It’s really, really easy to “diet.” Almost everyone has done so at some point, although people disagree on what really effective weight loss actually means. If you just have a few pounds to lose or if you are really, […]

By continuing the research begin by Carl Jung in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, I could see the entire content of the human psyche, verifying that the anti-conscience, the wild and primitive side of our conscience, occupations the largest Part of our brain and psyche. In the beginning the anti-conscience tries to invade the human region of our conscience through absurd thoughts and feelings. When it manages to invade the human region and destroys a large portion of it, the anti-conscience's attacks are stronger. It starts provoking dizziness, emptiness in our mind, repetitive thoughts, and even hallucinations. The anti-conscience can think, but its thoughts are absurd. It is our wild and violent animal side, which possesses great energy. There is no way we can escape […]

The Kama Sutra is, at its heart, a playbook for mind-blowing sex. Different positions, alternating speeds and even radical new techniques for foreplay are all detailed in this ancient book, and men who want to really up the ante in the bedroom can find much to enjoy here. However, much of a man’s sex life might take place when he’s completely alone, and the book is remarkably silent on masturbation techniques. In fact, the author seems to suggest that masturbation shouldn’t be part of a man’s day-to-day penis care routine. Thankfully, with a close reading and a little creativity, men can find out more about how to put their minds to use in masturbation, and with a little help from the Kama Sutra, they may experience pleasures they never thought […]

Astrology and Cell Salts Biochemistry In this chaotic and materialistic world we can thank Dr. George W. Carey for giving us a priceless key to mental and physical health. He wrote a small book entitled "The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac;" Circa 1900. The heritage of all humans on the planet is perfection; Perfect health. Our solar system just entered the age of Aquarius, which is the human sign. The sign of the truth about man. This is the age of truth. Only truth matters not opinions. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Know the truth and heal yourself. The process necessary to the attainment of perfection was given to us by Dr. William Schuessler in his […]

Bill Maher is a polarizing figure: You either love him and hang on his every word, or you absolutely despise him and would love nothing more than to erase him from the face of the Earth. On his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher , he frequently does a bit known as "New Rules" where he challenges the status quo and sounds off on things he thinks need to change – with little regard for political correctness or public opinion. In one of his recent "New Rules" segments, he set his sights on America's health and fitness. And while he certainly is not the poster child for a perfectly healthy lifestyle, he made some incredible points that are near impossible to disagree with: New Rule: If you believe you […]