What is yeast? It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to have vaginal yeast infections or notice that they are more frequent in occurrence during pregnancy than at any other time in their lives. It is important to first be able to recognize the symptoms before you treat them. Symptoms of vaginal yeast infections include redness, burning, itching and irritation of the vaginal area. Swelling of the vulva may be present in severe cases and this swelling can make urination painful and more frequent. Many women also experience an increase in vaginal discharge which takes on a thick, curdy, white appearance. Sometimes intercourse is found to be quite uncomfortable due to the vaginal irritation a woman is experiencing. What causes yeast infection? A yeast-like fungus, also known as candida albicans, normally […]

When it comes to losing weight, you can do it in many ways, but some of them are unhealthy. This has been a problem for many around the globe. Although “quick weight loss” is certainly possible (and many diet plans focus on this), it’s much more important that a diet plan be effective and healthy at the same time. You need a healthy diet plan if you want healthy weight loss. You won’t necessarily lose weight quickly, but you’ll get results that are lasting, and you won’t have unhealthy side effects. It’s really, really easy to “diet.” Almost everyone has done so at some point, although people disagree on what really effective weight loss actually means. If you just have a few pounds to lose or if you are really, […]

By continuing the research begin by Carl Jung in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, I could see the entire content of the human psyche, verifying that the anti-conscience, the wild and primitive side of our conscience, occupations the largest Part of our brain and psyche. In the beginning the anti-conscience tries to invade the human region of our conscience through absurd thoughts and feelings. When it manages to invade the human region and destroys a large portion of it, the anti-conscience's attacks are stronger. It starts provoking dizziness, emptiness in our mind, repetitive thoughts, and even hallucinations. The anti-conscience can think, but its thoughts are absurd. It is our wild and violent animal side, which possesses great energy. There is no way we can escape […]

The Kama Sutra is, at its heart, a playbook for mind-blowing sex. Different positions, alternating speeds and even radical new techniques for foreplay are all detailed in this ancient book, and men who want to really up the ante in the bedroom can find much to enjoy here. However, much of a man’s sex life might take place when he’s completely alone, and the book is remarkably silent on masturbation techniques. In fact, the author seems to suggest that masturbation shouldn’t be part of a man’s day-to-day penis care routine. Thankfully, with a close reading and a little creativity, men can find out more about how to put their minds to use in masturbation, and with a little help from the Kama Sutra, they may experience pleasures they never thought […]

Astrology and Cell Salts Biochemistry In this chaotic and materialistic world we can thank Dr. George W. Carey for giving us a priceless key to mental and physical health. He wrote a small book entitled "The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac;" Circa 1900. The heritage of all humans on the planet is perfection; Perfect health. Our solar system just entered the age of Aquarius, which is the human sign. The sign of the truth about man. This is the age of truth. Only truth matters not opinions. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Know the truth and heal yourself. The process necessary to the attainment of perfection was given to us by Dr. William Schuessler in his […]

Bill Maher is a polarizing figure: You either love him and hang on his every word, or you absolutely despise him and would love nothing more than to erase him from the face of the Earth. On his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher , he frequently does a bit known as "New Rules" where he challenges the status quo and sounds off on things he thinks need to change – with little regard for political correctness or public opinion. In one of his recent "New Rules" segments, he set his sights on America's health and fitness. And while he certainly is not the poster child for a perfectly healthy lifestyle, he made some incredible points that are near impossible to disagree with: New Rule: If you believe you […]

Our dreams don’t let us doubt of the fact that we are absurd and we are making mistakes. We have the tendency to be false, aggressive, immoral, indifferent, selfish, greedy, and cruel. This is why we have many mental health problems and our world is a living hell camouflaged by hypocrisy. When I declared that human beings are in fact demons many people thought that they were insulted, but the truth is that everyone is absurd and evil in the world, and this is why so many crimes are committed every day. Everyone is mentally ill and everyone’s behavior must be condemned. Everyone has the satanic behavior imposed by their anti-conscience in numerous situations, even if they don’t commit crimes. Since we live in a crazy world ruled by terror, […]

Anniversaries are an important opportunity to stop and take time to reflect on the significance of a particular person, day or time in our life. There can be public anniversaries, times of national celebration and euphoria like a royal golden wedding anniversary, where there is much coverage of all that has happened during the intervening years since the original event, prompting a time of national nostalgia. Or there can be anniversaries commemorating a special national triumph, like a major sporting achievement. And these times can provide important opportunities to pull together as a nation and reinforce a country or community’s united sense of pride and loyalty. There can also be anniversaries that provide a time of national mourning, a time to respect and commemorate the people who have died on […]

Are you a meat lover? If yes, then you should definitely try biltong. This special kind of all-meat product originated in Southern Africa and after sometime it also invaded the European, American, and Australian markets. It is often likened to beef jerky only that it differs in ingredients and preparations. Many people buy biltong because it’s a great alternative to unhealthy snacks like chips, burgers, fries, and the like. People who are watching their weight should be happy to know that it also contains fewer calories compared to beef jerky in the market today. But what make it stand out are its numerous health benefits like the following: • Excellent source of protein Whether you’re losing weight or want to have some muscles, biltong can provide you the protein you […]

Alternative medicine is essentially under the auspices of World Health Organization, and is a preferred treatment modality that supports the healthcare needs of 65% of the world. It is also known as CAM, or Complementary and Alternative medicine. It is based on clinical process similar to mainstream medicine that uses drugs and surgery. World Health Organization is arranged to several departments concerning preventive medicine, public health, vaccinations to eradicate serious epidemics, and drugless therapies based on ancient traditions, as with acupuncture, tuina, shiatsu, herbalism, massage, aromatherapy, laser therapy, sports massage, neuromuscular massage and related. The scientific nature, origin and background of each drugless therapy may be differentiated by its boards, regulators, clinical researchers, competency requirements, SOAP and plan of care. Low level laser is used and managed by mainstream practitioners, […]